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It's Wine Time

About Us

It's Wine Time started with an idea from Andy Dunlop who has successfully run a fulfilment business for over 25 years. As a lover of wine and great times, he decided to put his delivery expertise to better use.

His concept was simple, rather than focusing on which wine to match what food, It's Wine Time focuses on the when. We think it's far more important to start with the occasion, who'll be there, what you'll be doing and what ambience you want to create.

With a vast amount of wine on sale, selecting wine can be confusing — too much talk of terroir and nonsense on the label can often mean you roll your eyes and default to selecting what you always buy - or get tempted by whatever is being promoted (almost invariably where the seller has overstocked). The team at It's Wine Time have enough diplomas and qualifications to talk wine babble if you want but, we would rather use that experience to select and deliver a range of great wines that will match your Wine Time at prices that deliver real quality and value.

With the average price of a bottle of wine in the UK at just over £5.00 nearly 60% (£3.00) of your money goes directly to the Chancellor in Duty and VAT. Add production, packaging and distribution costs (estimate £1.70) only about 30p is left for the liquid you drink. However, many of the costs (and Duty) are fixed- so by increasing to £10 a bottle you get far superior wine - around a multiple of 15 times more goes into the juice for just doubling the cost of your selection.

That's why the wines we offer will be around the £10.00 — £25.00 range where there is optimum value.

You have our promise that these great wines will match your occasion, if they don't, send them back and you'll get a full refund.

We hope you enjoy the site and love the wines on your own or with friends when it's Your Wine Time.